Queen Mela Habijan, Miss Trans Global 2020


Miss Trans Global United Kingdom is an annual Non For Profit community event providing a platform for a diverse heritage of transgender women from different part of the United Kingdom. The event’s key goal is to raise awareness about sexual health care for transgender women.


Despite significant advances in recent years such as Lavern Cox’s Times Magazine cover and so many other elite trans women in movies and in media, the transgender community still faces structural social and healthcare exclusion.
The transgender community is often left out of mainstream discussion about LGB’T’ sexual health, it is mostly focused on gay people, transgender people are treated as the ‘other’. We want to change that narrative by creating an inclusive space for our community to share, listen, and learn about our sexual health needs.
One in three transgender people, have delayed or avoided preventive health care such as pelvic exams or STI screening out of fear of discrimination. Sexual health education for youth and adults rarely addresses transgender people’s needs, bodies, and identities.
During our events, we would produce series of digital and physical campaigns promoting HIV and Monkey Pox awareness, Prep use, testing, and debunking the hateful narrative put out about sexual health in society.


During the Leadership and Empowerment workshop we would focus on sexual-healthcare through the guidance of sexual health clinics. It will strengthen the participants and audience understanding of their personal healthcare responsibility and simplified HIV testing information. It will help to train our participants on HIV and sexual health care which would be broadcasted to our followers on social media.


Our organisation is advocacy and activism driven, that is why we use education, inclusion, and visibility as tools of raising awareness about pressing issues such as inclusive sexual-healthcare for our community. An inclusive sexual-healthcare is required for the transgender community to function as productive members of society. This is why we use advocacy and activism channels of information and communication to improve the understanding of healthcare and social issues faced by our community.

Inspiring Trans Women

Miss Trans Global United Kingdom officially awards the following titles:
Miss Trans Global Wales
Miss Trans Global Scotland
Miss Trans Global England

The winners will represent the United Kingdom in Miss Trans Global.

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